Turnip Match

2013-08-14 22:32:52

During every 10:00-11:00 a.m., the player whose character level reaches to Lv.30 can join the treasure hunting match that held by the Kingdom. The pet who finds the most turnip will win the match. You can choose your idle pet to attend this match which will grant you tons of Pet EXP and Potential. And it also can provide you with crystal and achievement rewards.

Click on the Event button to view the event list, then select Turnip Match and click Enter to enter into the event panel

When the event starts, on the left side of the main interface, above the Chat Frame, there will be Turnip Helper. It displays the CD time of cheer. Or you can click it to enter into the Turnip Match.


Active: Will influence the number of turnips that the pet can collected in the match, player can increase the pet active by cheering for it, the max active points is 1100.


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