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With a soaring eagle as it symbol, Eagle is one of the two greatest Legions in the Kingdom. It is founded by the Kingdom’s great sage Aruma. Many of its members are holding the key positions in the Kingdom or the celebrities who have made great contribution to the Kingdom. They stand for freedom, and intent on a good-neighborliness and developing the domestic economy.

Before the evil dragon’s invasion, there are constant conflicts between the Eagle and the Searing Blade, because of the different beliefs and interests. But, when the situation get worse, and the predicted time is close, they start to cooperate with the Searing Blade to combat the evil dragons.


Searing Blade:

Founded by the great militarist Geremi, it is another greatest Legion in the Kingdom. Its symbol is a flaming weapon. The senior members of this legion hold the military power in the Kingdom. It is an aggressive legion, they often appealto the Kingdom to invade small counties nearby.

They have never changed their mind about Eagle and never thought they would cooperate with Eagle. But, with the arrival of the evil dragons, some of its member feels a deep crisis, so they have to set aside hostilities and become ally with the Eagle.


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