Gear Category

2013-08-14 22:27:16

Gear is divided into 3 types: weapon, armor and accessory. Weapon and armor is class-specific. Only the right class and level can equip. However, cloak, necklace, ring, earring have no limit on the class. Just get the right level to equip.

Pets can equip gear of any class.



Each class has its specific weapon. According to different class, weapon can be divided intoSword, Wand and Bow. Weapons can raise the character’s physical and magical attack.

Pets can equip gear of any class.






Each class has its specific armor. Basically, armor can be divided into 5 parts: helmet, cloths, shoes, gloves, and belt. Armor can raise the character’s defense.



There is no class restriction on accessory. Accessory includes necklace and ring, which can add stats for the wearer.


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