Guild Property

2013-08-14 22:52:35

A character can create a guild at Lv.20 with a spending of 200,000 Gold. After a guild is created, the founder can invite friends alike to join the guild and has a guild channel for instant communication among guild members.


Guild Name: Name of a guild

Guild Level: Guild is Lv.1 when it’s created and will automatically level up after the number of guild members, Elements and Gold meet the requirement. The highest level is Lv.10. Guild members can increase Elements and Gold by donation or quest completion.

Guild Rank: All guilds’ level ranks in the game

Guild Members: The number of current guild members

Guild Leader: Founder of a guild, has more rights and gets more rewards in the events.

Guild Elder: ranks only second to guild leader with a certain rights. In a guild, up to 2 characters can be elders who can get more rewards in the events.

Guild Notice: Guild Leader and Guild Admin can post notices at Manage Guild to keep guild members updated with what’s happening in the guild

Position: Current character’s position in the guild.

Donation: Current character’s donation to a guild. Used to summon beasts and breed pets in the farm

Guild Resource: Elements and Gold a Guild owns, are used to upgrade technology.


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