Announcement to Cease Operations

2014-07-18 03:32:38

Dear ninjas,


Since the official release of Cyber Monster2, we have made miraculous achievements with your support. We know that it is your continuous support and encouragement that keep us to overcome numerous difficulties over the past years and make Cyber Monster2 a memorable game.


However, everything has to come to an end some time. Since our contract with the game developer is about to expire and future development of the two games are terminated, we are sorry to inform you that Cyber Monster2 will cease operations at 00:00 on August 8(UTC-5), 2014. Top-up service will be closed at 00:00 on July 22nd.


We will provide fast access for Cyber Monster2 players to enter Tales of Solaris, Pockie Saints, Pockie Defense and I am Ninja.


Please read the following announcement carefully.



Compensation processing time: August 8, 0:00:01(UTC-5)--September 7, 23:59:59(UTC -5)

Compensation standard: 20% of your total top-up amount made in Cyber Monster2 at Game321 platform will be returned to your account.

Choose a game for compensation: You can choose one of the following games to receive compensation for corresponding account:

Pockie Defense

Tales of Solaris

Pockie Saints

I am Ninja


For example: Player A has topped up 1000 coins in Cyber Monster 2, chooses Tales of Solaris to receive compensation, then after data verification, player A will receive 200 coins to player’s character in Tales of Solaris.


Game321 reserves the final interpretation right for the compensation policy and solutions. Based on actual needs or in case of emergency, Game321 reserves the right to adjust or modify compensation without informing players in advance.


Compensation procedure and method:

Step 1:Submit your compensation request to online support at Game321, provide your Game321 account, registered email address, answer to your security question, character name, server or other proofs so that our customer service can check your identity.

Step 2: After we verify your information, you can choose a game to receive compensation by providing us the server you are in and the character information. Please note that one account in one game will only have one chance to receive compensation. The compensation can’t be changed or canceled. So please make your choice carefully.


Step 3: Our customer service will provide all of your information to operation team. After double check of your information, you will receive your compensation.


Lastly, we hope you enjoy playing new games and get to know more friends!


Compensation Q&A

1.Q:Does the compensation policy apply to Cyber Monster2 users only?

A: Yes. Only Cyber Monster2 core users can receive the compensation. Users in other regions or cooperating platforms are excluded.


2.Q: I am a free user and have played Cyber Monster2 for a long time. My character has lots of gold remaining. Can I get the compensation?

A: Sorry. Only core users who have top-up record in Cyber Monster2 will receive compensation. Currently we have no plan to buy back gold that are still held by characters. Still, we thank free users’ long-term support and believe free users will have fun playing free events in other games on our platform.


3.Q: I have recharged for several characters in Cyber Monster2 before. Will I get multiple compensation chances?

A: Yes you will.


4.Q: I have recharged a large amount in Cyber Monster2 , but my account is frozen after some chargebacks. Will I be able to receive compensation?

A: Sorry, according to Game321 user agreement, you are not eligible for compensation.


5.Q: If I submit my request on the last day of the compensation processing time, or send application after the processing time, will I receive the compensation?

A: Compensation processing time is August 8, 0:00:01(UTC-5)--September 7, 23:59:59(UTC -5).


 If you contact us before September 7, 2014, 23:59:59(UTC-5), we will accept your request and refund you according to the compensation policy.

If you contact us after September 7, 2014, 23:59:59(UTC-5), we will regard you as giving up the compensation and decline your request.


Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for your support to Cyber Monster2. Please enjoy other fun and newest games at Game321!


Game321 Operation Team


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1. Cyber Monster Game –Find the True Love in this Dream Land of your owned Magic World!

2. Cyber Monster Game – Monster Game Evolution! Play the Next Genetation MMORPG For Free!

3. Cyber Monster Game – Beyond the Pokemon, the best Monster Browser Game For Free!